Do it Yourself

Posted in 3D Printing

It is important to know the history and especially the process. If the process can become less complicated and more approachable: read lower tress hold. Only then it will be used on a wider scale.

One of this catalysts is the invention of the home 3D printer. 3D printing gives the power and magic to the people at home. With the use of the computer and access to a 3D printer the sky is the limit.

All the parts to make something moving can be made now at home. Altering the parts by yourself and testing it again and again, sharing the source code and animation file with others and in the end you will receive a great developed product by thousands of people.

And with this the low-budget version of bionic parts is born.

In the series 3D printing I will write about the many shapes of 3D printing, more importantly materials other than plastic: human flesh substitutes.